Johnson's Household Book of Nature


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This book is an abridged and reformatted version of the original book published in 1880. Readers of all ages will find interesting descriptions of commonly known and sometimes strange members of the animal kingdom. The original work was edited by Hugh Craig from the writings of eminent naturalists of the time including Audubon, Wallace, Brehm, Wood, and others.

Though not an exact facsimile, the design of this book preserves for today’s readers the tone and character of the original publication’s text and illustrations. No attempt was made to color correct, thus retaining the melodramatic dynamics of the original artwork.

—94 pages
—64 full page, full color illustrations by John Karst.

—Quadrumana (Primates)
—Cheiroptera (Bats)
—Insectivora (Insect Eaters)
—Carnivora (Meat Eaters)
—Cetacea (Whales, Dolphins, & Porpoises)
—Sirenia (Sea Cows)
—Ungulata (Hoofed Animals)
—Proboscidea (Elephants)
—Rodentia (Gnawing Mammals)
—Edentata (Sloths, & Armadillos)
—Marsupials (Opossums & Kangaroos)
—Monotremata (Duck Moles)

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